SPAS - The essential pool accessory

One of the ways to expand a pool's use and vary its shape is by incorporating a spa.

In-ground spas are now considered an essential part of the swimming environment.They often share the same circulation and filtration system as the pool, and hence should be planned and built at the same time.

In-ground or raised above, a built-in hot tub can assume almost any shape. Heated and aerated for massage, the spa offers a therapeutic retreat from the still waters of the pool. Outfitted with benches, it provides a relaxing space for a peacefully, solitary soak or for socializing with friends.

Spas can be enjoyed all year long, they extend the use of the pool area into the colder months.

While a spa can be designed as a miniature version of the pool and placed within its perimeter, it can also assume a completely different shape and reside away from the pool.

It is best if an integrated spa is constructed of the same materials as the pool so that it doesn't appear to be tacked on. If located off to one side, the spa should complement the pool's geometry.

A spa that is situated in its own private environment away from the pool can still seem connected to it at least aesthetically. In naturalistic designs, for example, the spa often takes the form of a small pond or hot spring sequestered from the main pool.

Whether you are looking for something classic or contemporary in tone, there are infinite possibilities.