The secret to sparkling pool water is the right filter material. We have found a medium which is superior to traditional sand based filtration and less troublesome than Zeolite: Filter Crystal manufactured from finely crushed recycled glass, which provides outstanding water clarity and quality - a direct replacement for sand. And as it's made of 100% recycled glass, it's a truly ecological alternative!

Better Permeability

Glass grains are almost all angular in shape and have a fairly high degree of sphericity. As a result, the filter bed tends to have more open packing, resulting in much better permeability than a filter of spherical sand grains

Superior Cleaning

Glass particles have a slight negative charge on their surface, which tends to hold onto fine particles and positively charged iron and manganese ions during the filtration cycle. Upon backwashing, this weak charge releases these fine particles to the effluent, thereby contributing to better filtration action and an amazing 25% improvement in turbidity removal over sand. Test results have shown that crushed glass filtration material will remove particles down to 5 to 10 microns, with a high percentage of sub 5 micron components, as compared to generally 10 to 15 microns for sand, depending on filtration rate. Filter Crystal is also less likely to block or channel. Its surface catalytic properties generate a high oxidation potential on the surface of the media which makes Filter Crystal self sterilizing and gives it the ability to crack organics and decolorize the water.

Safer to Use

Sand and zeolites (air born dust) are classified as grade 2 carcinogens because of the free silica; zeolites are particularly dangerous. Filter Crystal does not contain any free silica and as such it is much safer to use than sand. The smoothness and stability of glass means it is resistant to strong acids and alkalis, which minimizes cracks where bacteria can lodge and resist flushing during the backwash, which also prevents the filter bed from becoming blocked by bacterial growth.

Lower Operating Costs

As crushed glass is lighter than sand, 20% less glass is needed to fill a filtration unit. Due to the better permeability over 25% less water is used (and lost) for backwashing, saving you money on water, chemicals and other associated costs. The extremely high attrition strength of crushed glass means that it doesn't get consumed and is therefore likely to last for the life of your filter. Because Filter Crystal cleans better, you save energy & operating costs and extend the life of your filter! And as it's made of 100% recycled glass, it's a truly ecological alternative!