Landscaping should enhance the shape of the pool and establish a distinctive mood. Selecting plants that already exist in the surrounding landscape or ones that pick up colors of nearby vegetation further connects the pool to its environment. Offering many benefits, landscaping can serve a functional as well as decorative purpose.

The swimming pool does not exist in isolation. It belongs to a larger environment shaped by decking, fences, walls, plants, and furnishings. Coordinating the design and placement of these man-made and living elements is critical. They should relate not only to the pool and the house, but to the size, topography, and landscaping of the lot as well. The pool setting essentially serves as an outdoor room. Much more than just a place for swimming, it is a multipurpose area where lounging, dining, and socializing occur. It's ceiling is the sky, but it's floors, walls, and decor require as much consideration as any interior portion of the house. With the proper planning, a patio or terrace can easily play host to numerous poolside activities. From an aesthetic point of view, materials and shapes -from pavers to plantings -should reflect the chosen style and purpose. We are specialists in bringing the pool and the landscaping together to create a breathtaking finished product.

Remember that designing your pool is an opportunity to reflect your personality - and your dreams!